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2 Types of Currency in Game of Sultans

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2 Types of Currency in Game of Sultans

Like every other game in Game of Sultans also there are two main types of currency present. These two types of currency are used for upgrading, buying, and unlocking things. Therefore, it is very significant for the gamers to earn both the types of currency in the game in good amount as to make good progress in Game of Sultans. It is because if the gamers of Game of Sultans have good amount of currency in the both the types, then they easily perform all the basic tasks and activities properly.

Two types of currency

Mentioned below are the two major types of in-game currency which the gamers need to know and also earn them in good amount to make progress quicker than before –

  1. Gold – It is first type of currency it is easily earned by completing more levels in the game. Also, gamers can earn the gold by completing more objectives and challenges.
  2. Diamonds – The second type of currency in the game is diamonds. It is a little bit hard to earn as compared to the gold. Players of Game of Sultans simply earn the diamonds by completing more numbers of events in Game of Sultans.

Therefore, these are the two major types of in-game currency that are present in Game of Sultans. The only aim of the users of Game of Sultans is to earn both these two types in-game currency in more amounts. They also earn the gold as well as diamonds in the game by applying the Game of Sultans Hack option.


All the information which is mentioned above is very useful for you make deal with as to go far in Game of Sultans. Also, as mentioned above that you can make use of Game of Sultans Hack option, so you need to know that how to make its use properly.

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