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King of Avalon- A Complete guide about Resources

Tips and Tricks
King of Avalon- A Complete guide about Resources

In an era of the digital world, everyone likes to play the game for utilizing spare time. If you are also a game lover or like to play games then must try the King of Avalon. It is a best strategy based platform all over the world. Here you can also improve your real life skills with lots of incredible and exciting missions. It is available free to play on Android and IOS store, but some kinds of stuff are purchasable. You can buy these items via the help of real and virtual currencies.

Essential resources-

There are many kinds of essential resources are available which are playing a vital role in the game. Without it, you are not applicable to performing in many kinds of activities. Here today we will give you a complete guide about those resources then check out the impressive detail here.

  1. Food
  2. Wood
  3. Iron

These all are the kinds of currencies and each play different role.

  1. Food- In the game food is an essential type of resources which make your troops strong. It means via the help of food you can improve your team performance. If you have not enough amounts of food, then your performance troop’s performance will decree automatically. It is not easy to produce, but some special ways like an attack on castles and other ways make it possible.
  2. Wood- It is also a kind of resource in the King of Avalon. With the help of it, you can develop your clan and give it a unique look. As per the food it is also very hard to obtain, but some paths are present in the game which make the possible. You can also purchase it with the help of real currencies.
  3. Iron- The iron also plays a vital role as the resources. With the help of It, you can provide the weapons to your troops and make them more powerful. It is also purchasable from real and virtual currencies with King Of Avalon Hack.


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Nevaeh Harper

More Important Tips to Know about Merge Plane

Tips and Tricks


There are different types of simulation-based games present these days. Games are the best source to utilize your spare time laying them regularly on a daily basis. Well, if you love to play the simulation based game, then you must try Merge Plane once. It gives you the best gaming experience among all other games. It is available free of cost and present for both Android and IOS users easily at their respective stores.

It is created by Merge Gamers, and its size is almost 34 MB. It is one of the best games among all plane related games. More than over 1 million people play the game every day from different countries of the world.

Useful tips

The tips are the best way to play the game easily. The more tips you apply in your gameplay, the more it becomes an easy task for you to perform. Users need to use some new tips and strategies every time they play as it helps in playing the game without getting bored. The given below are some important tips and tricks for the game about which every player should know.

  • Equip the best plane – It means that the users need to select only the best game among all other. The more good you select a plane, the more it becomes easier for you to earn coins with Merge Plane Cheats and other in-game currency which is present in the game. It helps the players to pass o the next level easily.
  • Take entry into more tournaments – It is the easiest way to earn money as the user has to participate in more and more tournaments. They must take part in every single tournament and complete it properly on time. It provides them with lots of other resources, free spins, and other necessary things also.

It is crucial for the gamers to play the game properly by applying the above-discussed tips and tricks. It helps them in many useful ways. In order to become the professional player in it, one must play it daily. The more you play it, the more you become an expert.

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Nevaeh Harper

Types of Heroes and Villains in Marvel Strike Force

Tips and Tricks


The Marvel Strike Force is world’s most popular and leading game. Over thousands of people play this game every day. It is the best way to utilize your leisure time by playing the most interesting online multiplayer RPG game. The game provides you with lots of new characters and various types of weapons or gears. In Marvel Strike Force one should assemble the squad into its best suitable position and purchase more ultimate or powerful heroes or villains to play. To become the best player of the game one should upgrade the characters and weapons regularly on a daily basis. The game consists of lots of characters with their different abilities and skills. Following are many types of heroes and villains with their skills, stats and Marvel Strike Force Cheats.


Types, Skills, and Stats of Characters


  1. Captain America – It is the main and most liked superhero by the people. Captain America is the most powerful superhero among all others. The main weapon of this character is the shield. The shield attacks a target for the 100% damage. It is upgraded up to 200% and can be more effective while the battle is going. It can effect multiple targets at higher levels.
  2. Kingpin – It is another important character in the game, and its main weapon is the batter. It attacks a target for 90% damage and can be upgraded up to 150%. Its boss orders are to apply defense buff to the army.
  3. Night Nurse – The character we are talking about is the most important as it helps you into defense. It attacks the target for 95% damage and can be inclined up to 145% damage and 100% chance. The Night Nurse counts in the category of a healer.
  4. Hand Sorceress – It refers to some main activities like chi strike, blood magic, and way of the shadow. It attacks target for 100% damage and can be upgraded to 130% plus 15% base damage. Its main function is to heal everything for 350 points. It includes in the category of villains and mostly used in raid missions.
  5. Gamora – It is the main character in the category of a damage dealer. Gamora attacks a target for 90% damage, and it can be upgraded up to 250% plus 50% chance.
  6. Winter Soldier – The last but not the least winter soldier attacks a target for 80% damage and can be upgraded to 115%. Its main task is to attack the opponents with full power to destroy them easily.
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How to progress faster in tank Stars

Tips and Tricks

The world famous game tank stars are developed by Playgendary. It all depends on the fighting of tanks. This is sported both IOS and Android devices. It is easy to find that because of this popularity. If you love to play action or fighting game, then it is proving so useful for you. The studio launched with the high graphics. A lot of people like to play this game. When you start this game choose the better tank and weapons. After the battle, you will be rewarded with coins and cards. The fuel is also limited in the tank. In this many following points are available. That helps you progress fast in tank stars. I will tell you those following points for your help. So read the information very carefully. Follow the points one by one.

  • Moves or get in range-

From the starting point, you cannot target the enemy accurately. But it depends on your weapons accuracy. If your weapons area accuracy is high, then you will shoot your enemy correctly. After the battle, you also go near your opinion in this. But it does not give benefit. So, always try to moves as per weapons range. If you have long ranged weapons and you can attack from a range, then stay there and fire. If not long ranged then move closer but not too because it if you go very near them then it will attack you easily. So always make the distance from your opinion as per your weapons range.

  • Make the right angle-

At the time of play always make the right angle. When you turn comes then adjust your tank angle and accuracy. Because your all the shoots depend on your tank or weapon angle and accuracy. When the long distance between your tank and enemy tank, then attack with full of powers. If you have no long distance, then attack with low power because explosive attack also hurt you. So always be careful at the time of the attack. Make long distance is better for attack for you.

  • Upgrade Weapons and tanks-

The upgrades are the most important aspect that you should always consider while playing the game. There are lots of weapons available in the game. That needs to upgrade. Many tanks are also available in the game. They should also need an upgrade. From update the weapons and tanks their accuracy and performance. For the upgrading tanks and weapons, the tanks cards and weapons cards also required. To upgrade your things in many ways. From the watch videos, complete daily missions, complete tournament. Many ways give you tanks and weapons cards. From watching the advertisement, you also earn many points.

  • Make the tanks team-

In this game, a most important rule is that you don’t select the one tank for any time. That way to play the game is always making your tank team with the collection on tank cards. You also buy the tank from the coins. So the cards and coins have played the important role to make your tanks team.  When your tanks are law quality then tanks in easy mode and when your tanks in medium-quality then tank in normal mode. One other mode is also available in this game. When you upgrade your tank, then the game will be gone in legendary mode. So that is an important part to increase your coins and upgrade your weapons and tanks by getting Tank Stars Hack.

Hope, the above-given information can help you out to play the game effetely. You should always play the game smartly to achieve a better position.


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