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How to gain currency in Homescapes?

Tips and Tricks


Playrix games are one of the most likely games developing company in today’s era. There are numerous games which are developed by the company. One of the best in all of them is the Homescapes. It is one of the finest and most played casual match 3puzzle games in today’s world. You can easily find a huge number of games based on the same theme.

If you are thinking of playing the game, then make sure you have the right amount of currency to play it. As you know that the currency plays a vital role in the game so if you want to get the best enjoyment then make sure you have it in the right amount. Here are some of the important ways to help you earn currency in the right manner in specifying.

  1. Facebook login

One of the finest and the easiest way of earning the currency is logging in with the social media sites like Facebook. The reason behind this is that the user will get some small amount of currency or coins for doing it for the first time.

Along with this, you will also get to save your progress and enjoy playing the game in the finest manner. The reward that you will get for doing Facebook login will be really helpful to make sure you do it initially to get a boost for playing the game.

  1. Daily reward

Everyone is well known with the fact that the daily reward is the main helping hand for the player to gain currency so by using Homescapes Hack. The user will get some amount of reward for logging in the game daily. So make sure that you do it even if you do not have the time to play the real game.

There are people who neglect the daily reward when they do not have the time to collect the reward. Eventually, they face a lot of problems when they play the game as they do not have the required amount of currency.

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